SuperPro Racing presents
NorCal Cyclocross Series

NCCX Race 1 // San Jose Cougar

Saturday, October 5

Results (CSV)


Here is a map of the parking for the venue. Parking is $3 per car. The school is being very nice to us; please pay them their $3. Bring three singles to make it easy. (I'm looking at you, Cisco, cracking your hundreds at the gate.)


Here is the start schedule. You see your start time. You also see "staging" before it. You report to the start at the beginning of the STAGING time slot so we can get you gridded up. Your grid position for this first event is based on how fast you registered for the season pass online. Good job! STAGING WILL BE ON THE PAVEMENT IN THE PARKING LOT. It will be signed and the mavens at reg can point you to it also.

Category Length Start End
Junior 10-14 30 minutes 8:30 9:00
Junior 15 - 18 30 minutes 8:30 9:00
Junior Women 30 minutes 8:30 9:00
Women C 30 minutes 8:30 9:00
Staging — 15 minutes
Cat C 35+ Men 35 minutes 9:15 9:50
Cat C Men 35 minutes 9:15 9:50
Staging — 10 minutes
35+ B Master Men 45 minutes 10:00 10:45
45+ B Master Men 45 minutes 10:00 10:45
55+ Open Master Men 45 minutes 10:00 10:45
Staging — 15 minutes
35+ A Master Men 60 minutes 11:00 12:00
45+ A Master Men 60 minutes 11:00 12:00
Staging — 10 minutes
KIDS RACE!!! 20 minutes 12:10 12:30
Staging — 15 minutes
Women A/Elite/Pro 45 minutes 12:45 1:30
35+ Masters Women 45 minutes 12:45 1:30
Women B 45 minutes 12:45 1:30
Staging — 15 minutes
Open Men A/Elite/Pro 60 minutes 1:45 2:45
Open SS Men A 60 minutes 1:45 2:45
Staging — 15 minutes
Cat B Men 45 minutes 3:00 3:45
Cat B SS Men 45 minutes 3:00 3:45

Keep the number plate you pick up at reg on Saturday! Do not trash it after this event or lose it! This is your number plate to use for all five races. If you lose it, oh man, I don't even want to think about that. If you lose it you get to deal with Emily, LC, April and Nancy, so lose it at your own risk! (Imagine a gauntlet of castigation…)


This is a close approximation of the route. We're not showing you all of our tricks with this GPS track but it's enough so that you get the gist of it. The actual route has a couple of surprises that you will like that are not shown here. One of them being the Cyclocross Magazine Repercussion Ride Up. Just reading that fills my quads with lactic acid, even as I sit here at the computer.

Important Information

Due to very dry conditions ALL GRILLS MUST BE ON THE PAVEMENT. They said if we burnt their park down that we would not be able to use the park again for CX so don't screw this one up. Very important. NO GRILLS ON THE GRASS.

We will have a section of parking spots taped off to put all the grills together. It will be the Mike's Bikes Grill Zone. It will be closest to the team tent row.

No smoking anywhere. Not in the park, not on school grounds, not in the parking lot. No smoking.

Dogs MUST BE ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES. The campus police will ticket you immediately if your dog is off leash even for a second. Real talk.

This is the first CX event in a few years in San Jose. There are going to be several officials from the city on site to check it out. They do not know what to expect. What they see may shock them. Let's do that in a good way! Everyone from City Council Members to Parks and Rec will be there. The future of cyclocross in San Jose hinges on what goes down Saturday. Race hard and smile a lot. Bring your kids and significant others.

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