SuperPro Racing presents
NorCal Cyclocross Series

NCCX Race 4 // Kitten of Vallejo

Sunday, November 10

Results (CSV)


The Kitten of Vallejo, coming back again for a second time this year is shaping up to be even more fun than last years installment. We are at Dan Foley Park in beautiful Vallejo, California again with even more radness than before.

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Here is the start schedule. You see your start time. You also see "staging" before it. You report to the start at the beginning of the STAGING time slot so we can get you gridded up. Your grid position for this race is based on your series standing points which we will have at this event for you. STAGING WILL BE ON THE PAVEMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LONG STRAIGHTAWAY. It will be signed and the mavens at reg can point you to it also.

Category Length Start End
Junior 10-14 30 minutes 8:30 9:00
Junior 15 - 18 30 minutes 8:30 9:00
Junior Women 30 minutes 8:30 9:00
Women C 30 minutes 8:30 9:00
Staging — 15 minutes
Cat C 35+ Men 35 minutes 9:15 9:50
Cat C Men 35 minutes 9:15 9:50
Staging — 10 minutes
35+ B Master Men 45 minutes 10:00 10:45
45+ B Master Men 45 minutes 10:00 10:45
55+ Open Master Men 45 minutes 10:00 10:45
Staging — 15 minutes
35+ A Master Men 60 minutes 11:00 12:00
45+ A Master Men 60 minutes 11:00 12:00
Staging — 10 minutes
KIDS RACE!!! 20 minutes 12:10 12:30
Staging — 15 minutes
Women A/Elite/Pro 45 minutes 12:45 1:30
35+ Masters Women 45 minutes 12:45 1:30
Women B 45 minutes 12:45 1:30
Staging — 15 minutes
Open Men A/Elite/Pro 60 minutes 1:45 2:45
Open SS Men A 60 minutes 1:45 2:45
Staging — 15 minutes
Cat B Men 45 minutes 3:00 3:45
Cat B SS Men 45 minutes 3:00 3:45


Many racers told us after last years event here that this was their favorite course of the season. It is a grassy loop with two climbs. There is one flat paved footpath section to recover on and a few bumpy bits through the lawn. We'll loop through a sand volleyball court and so some sweeping chicanes in the grass. One set of stairs and a tiny run up. It will vary a little bit from last years loop:

Everything Else

The forecast calls for 66 degrees and partly cloudy on Sunday. Outstanding 'cross weather! The venue has loads of parking, indoor toilets and a cold drinking fountain. It's located directly off I80 forty-five minutes from San Francisco and thirty-five minutes from Oakland.

Mike's Bikes will be offering neutral mechanical support all day and Cycles Fanatic will be providing the neutral wheel pit.

Chef Ciano makes another appearance with a variety of awesome food and you're bringing your own beverages. Note: please, put them in something else... a Koozie, water bottle, whatever.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Lock your vehicle. There is some, "unusual" foot traffic here at times and it's better to be safe than sorry.


Once the lead racer crosses the line for the finish in a race you may then enter the course to pre-ride it / warm up but PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF RIDERS WHO ARE STILL OUT THERE. If we see you on the course when you are not supposed to be YOU WILL BE CALLED OUT BY NAME FOR HAVING BROUGHT SHAME AND DISHONOR TO YOUR TEAM AND SPONSORS. We may or may not dock your time as well. Don't try us.

Chromatic Coffee will be onsite again with their delicious bean juice for you. Help support their efforts by buying a bag of their locally roasted beans!

Cedar Cycling, one of our main sponsors will be here as well so be sure to check out their MADE IN CALIFORNIA merino wool cycling wear.

Call-ups are based on your series standings thus far. The staging area is 100m from the timing tent on the pavement in the parking lot. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR NUMBER FROM LAST WEEK; it's yours to use for the entire series. Even if you pre-register and have a number from last weekend YOU MUST CHECK IN AT REGISTRATION. If you don't check in, your number won't be entered into the timing system, and your racing will be for naught…

The course will be open for inspection from 5:00 - dusk on Saturday. Parking is free. On-leash dogs? WE LOVE ON-LEASH DOGS! ON-LEASH DOGS OK! (Dogs off leash will be disappeared)

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